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Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on Dell Inspiron 1564

I just thought to include here a link to my ‘Leo10.6.2’ installation on the laptop Dell 1564, which  I did quite a long time ago (around January 2010) and has been downloaded more than 200 times so far!

Please download Dell1564 Boot132 iso. Instructions on the installation details can be found inside the boot DVD, which I won’t repeat here (not yet!).

Further discussion about this installation, including the upgrade with the vanilla kernel, you can find here:
My iso delivery post at TonymacX86’s under the nickname ‘AParrot’ and about 3 months later The 10.6.31 Upgrade.

Because OsX doesn’t fully support the ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 graphics chipset, we don’t get full QE/CI support, but we do get full native resolution, etc
For someone stuck with this cheap laptop (quite good for the money though) that needs basic OsX functionality for instance, to browse the net, listen to some music, develop some programs, etc then this might be the way to go.

Have so more fun. Cheers.

PS: I made this a ‘Page’ rather than a ‘Post’ for visibility only.


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